The Dry Monsoon Arrived

I enjoy the two weeks or so of indistinct weather between monsoons. Not the dry periods following storms, but the periods when the wind direction and strength veers this way and that from the usual southeast flow. The outcome is certain, it’s only a question of when. Then one day the weather vane points northeast and stays there, followed closely by a cooler air mass rolling over us rapidly. High season climate is here.

Woke up one morning and could tell from the temperature and back door rattling the monsoon had arrived. I let the sun and wind climb a bit, then went to the beach to attempt photographing the change.

The difference between land and sea temps made for squinty bright light on land with a background of formless grey. Too Bright Gray, if you will. Beach vendors never seem surprised about the day’s weather. Lounges and umbrellas were in tight formation, the better to keep the wind catchers from going airborne. It was too windy for parking oneself on the beach, so it was only walkers and a few kite surfers.


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