Re-evaluted One of My (Minor) Principles

World coffee price increases motivated some shop owners to brew it weaker. In the last month, some started serving shit that isn’t coffee. It contains some coffee and caffeine, but who knows what the rest is. It leaves an aftertaste that can last for hours. I’ve stopped going to any place that serves it, reducing the choices among my usual places to 3.

The grapevine said one place has been consistent since it opened. But I’ve avoided it since my college days, eating there on road trips when it’s the only place open, or both the decision is out of my hands and there isn’t an alternative very close by.

I walk by about 3 times a week, as it’s between where I park my motorbike and the Tesco-Lotus store (like a Target with a grocery store). Tried their coffee the first time because I told myself I wanted to talk to a guy inside I hadn’t seen in a while. But then I went back just for the coffee.

What’s my problem with McDonalds? The playgrounds. What better way to get kids hooked on junk food than give them and their parents a non-food reason to go? While enjoying their decent coffee, in an antiseptic, soul deadening environment, it occurred to me the parents instilled junk eating habits, so any other influences only change which brand of junk.


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