Less Talk, More Action

I haven’t written much this year. If you don’t count posts announcing … uh, speculating about future … possible future travel, posts about the coup and photo projects, the output looks meager. I’m OK with meager. Still, my New Years Resolution for this blog is no more travel speculation, only announcements after tickets purchases.

Last February I posted this was the year where I’d either visit a Spanish speaking country or buy tickets to one. Bought ’em today. Nope, I wasn’t trying to squeak in under the wire. I’d forgotten about that resolution. Isn’t that the best kind of resolution?

Anyway, I arrive in Casablanca in the middle of April, depart Barcelona about 5 weeks later, then have 4 nights in Istanbul on the way home.

Procrastination paid off. The ticket price changed a few Euros, but the exchange rate made it 13% less.


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