Major Fireworks at 11:35pm on the 31st – WTF?

A smattering (shattering?) of fireworks had been popping and banging for half an hour. I was at home, waiting for things to quiet down after midnight so I could sleep. Then BOOM — BOOM – BOOMbaBOOM-BOOM-BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM etc. From the back door I could see the mess and mass of rapid bursts to the seaward side of the tourist district. Seemed rather low in the sky, but that could have been an illusion caused by distance. After a few seconds, I returned to the web site I was reading.

Next morning, I saw first person accounts began appearing on the expat forum around 1:30am. The Hilton had an estimated 40 mortar tubes loaded with major league fireworks, the type called ‘artillery shells’ in the US fireworks industry. Between high tide, sunbeds, bar tables and vendor stands, spectating room was cramped. Why anyone would want to be near or under an industrial strength fireworks display in a poor country is beyond me. Why the Hilton staff didn’t stop people from setting off small fireworks near the Hilton’s setup is perfectly understandable: This Is Thailand.

Some guy lit 3 skyrockets. Two went up, one went horizontal, landing in the middle of the mortar tube field, igniting one of his big brothers. People ran for their lives as the chain reaction started. No reports of injuries and nothing on youtube.


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