Naughty Cookies? No, Cookienotti

How is a consumer products shopper supposed to keep up with the latest when there is no advertising of consumer products in his language? I hate it when I find out about a food that’s been at Trader Joe’s for 6 years.

TJ’s calls it Cookie Butter. A Dutch company calls it Cookienotti. What caught my eye was its main ingredient: cookies, specifically Speculoos. Of course I had to check the biscuit (cookie) aisle for Speculoos, because who knows what might happens if you spread a cookie on itself?

I had no interest in trying Cookienotti until I saw TJ’s sells something similar. I’m in.

Please refrain from making comments using wordplay on loo, speculate, speculum, speck, spoke or Spock.


One Response to Naughty Cookies? No, Cookienotti

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