No Camel Ride for Me

I will go to the Moroccan desert, but not to the dunes and certainly not on a camel in the dunes. Why? Many reasons. It’s a long way to the dunes, made worse by the bus quality. I’ve climbed the dunes near Glamis, California, an area used for some movie scenes set in the Sahara. I’ve woken up in the desert and on mountain tops to watch the sun come up. For what’s experienced on an overnight camel ride and camp, I’ve been there and done that, except the camel part.

Rode an elephant once. The first few minutes was ‘WOW’, then it was more of the same gentle swaying. And that’s on an intelligent animal that gets along with people. Camels? Not so much.

A Peace Corps volunteer who served in Morocco, begins his description of camels: “Before you run off and join the caravanserai, though, let me tell you about the downside: camels. Camels are the foulest of nature’s monsters and living proof of a Vengeful God; the tragic reminder that survival of the fittest can as often as not be a pyrrhic victory”. Read the rest in the last paragraph on this page.


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