Update: Pool or Pond?

One day in May 2013 I was riding on sois just because I’d never been there before. One construction caught my interest because I couldn’t decide the purpose of the soon to be cement ponds:

I wrote Too big for a pond, too small for a pool?“.

Read on if you are curious what sort of posts come from scraping the bottom of my barrel of ideas.

Last month I was in the area. Something odd about one development made me investigate. The place couldn’t have been better designed to deter prying eyes. The high outer wall hid (at least until I put my motorbike on its center stand so I could stand on the seat) inner walls around each unit. I recognized it from 2013. No photos because anyone with that much to hide wasn’t going like my holding a camera over the top of their fence.

I rode around the place until I found an entrance to a small parking lot in the maintenance area. Rode past, stopped, set my camera on full auto and best guess for zoom, rode back into the lot, took a photo and got outta there.

They’re not ponds for aquatic life. Too small to swim in. Too wide to step across easily. So why have them? Because people love the smell of chlorinated water in the morning?

Given the multiple walls, the distance between units, no 2 units sharing a common wall and the feeling I got of privacy, I think this place was designed for weekend visitors from Bangkok who need a little privacy for their affairs. Those cement ponds are moats.


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