It’s All About the Butt

None of my shorts stay up without a belt. There are 3 reasons: 1) Most expats are lard asses so finding a waist smaller than 34″ (I’m almost 33″) is rare, 2) I prefer 34s during the hot part of year because they ventilate better, and 3) I have no butt. More than one girlfriend who shared my love of puns has called me a ‘butt-less wonder’. So imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when I realized I wasn’t wearing a belt and my shorts hadn’t fallen off.

The hilltop medina of Moulay Idriss. The rest of Moulay Idriss is farther down the same hill. Some of the more interesting places in Morocco are anything but flat, so I’ve gradually transformed my exercise walking into hill walking. I’ve seen the muscle gain in my thighs. My shorts stayed up because now I have more of a butt. It’s not a proper butt, but it will do.

Why the Cubist photo filter? This morning I read about the Picasso museum in Barcelona.


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