Morocco: I’ve Got a Slow Plan

Between recovering from jet lag and learning about Morocco and Moroccans before entering a city, this trip will start slow. After that it will stay slow because I have the time and slow means less travel fatigue. My plan is subject to whim, weather and what I learn along the way.

I arrive Casablanca (Atlantic coast in black box), spend a night then head south for Essaouira (3rd red dot along the black line). People in a hurry would do that in a 7 hour bus ride. It will take me 3-5 days, staying in El Jadida and Oualida, 2 towns off the main tourist trail. The Portuguese controlled El Jadida for 250 years. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Both it and Oualida are beach resorts frequented by Moroccans, if old guidebooks can be believed.

Next is 1 nite in Marrakech (more about that below), Rabat (the capital) briefly, Meknes and Fes (former Imperial cities). I expect more time based in Meknes and Fes than any other places in Morocco. They’re interesting by themselves and have good access to day and overnight trips that interest me.

What happens after Fes depends on weather and how much I liked Marrakech. They say one either loves or hates Marrakech – and it doesn’t take long to figure out which. Returning to Marrakech also means day and overnight trips into the mountains if I’m OK with the temperatures. Shunning Marrakech means Tanger (top center of map) is next for a nite or 2 then a ferry to Spain. More about Spain in the next post.


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