Fungus Prevention: Cameras and Lenses

Some glass etching fungi like living in the dark interiors of cameras and lenses. It’s not much of a problem outside the tropics, except in old lenses. Here, it’s better safe than sorry. I’ve considered buying a dry cabinet explicitly designed for photo gear storage. Until then it’s a two part anti-fungi strategy.

First is keeping the gear not being used every week inside large, tightly sealed, high quality plastic bags containing big packets of silica gel. About once a month I select the cameras and lenses I haven’t used outside enough to heat up. They get a good bake because heat and dry kills fungi:

Needless to say, they don’t go straight from sunbathing to an air conditioned room. First I set them in the shade for a while, then move them into the un-airconditioned apartment, which is about 6 degrees C (~10 F) less hot than the sun blasted balcony.


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