Five Years in Thailand

Today is the 5 year anniversary of arriving in Thailand intending to stay for a while. Never thought it would be this long. I’d heard the phrase ‘Thailand is easy’ but, like most expats, had failed to grasp the depth and breath of ‘easy’ and it’s effects on inertia until the years started rolling by. It’s a cliché to compare expats in Thailand to the lotus-eaters of Greek mythology, but it’s an apt analogy. I’m not complaining. I’ve embraced it. After all, the banner photo for this blog is a lotus flower.

There is more to life than ‘easy’, other climates besides tropic, other standards of living I can afford, other countries where I already know 2000 words in their language, and so many other varieties of new living experiences it’s almost overwhelming.

Almost. Since spring 2013 my travel destinations, excluding Japan, have included countries where I could get a long term visa and afford to live there. Unless I get sidetracked by some serious lotus chomping, I will continue with that strategy of gathering first impressions.


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