Ending Occupy Coffeehouse

I routinely take my second and third cups of the day at 1 of 3 coffee places, usually around 10:30am and 2:30pm. For about 10 days, the same 3 Russians were at my favorite coffee place each time I visited. Didn’t matter how long I stayed, the Russkies noses were buried in their laptops when I arrived and still buried when I left. A friend and I decided they were nomadic kitesurfers, staying someplace without WiFi and were either too cheap to buy Thai phone SIMs with Internet or had slow internet only. They undoubtedly would have rather been kitesurfing but the weather hadn’t cooperated.

The Russians were cramping my style. They always took up 3 of the 6 chairs at two tables, including my favorite perch. They spread their stuff widely, including the side table meant for Thai and English newspapers. Didn’t matter how many regular customers dug for the newspapers, either excusing themselves or just digging in, they didn’t respond or look up from their laptops.

After about a week of Russians hogging space, the boss lady decided to get rid of the campers: she turned off the WiFi. It was amusing watching the net addicts get frustrated at the slow internet on their phones. One of the servers told me that after the net went off, they returned twice for short visits, then haven’t been back.

I witnessed the end of one of those short visits. After the 3 departed, a server came around, telling us the WiFi ‘was working again’.


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