Packing for the Hot and the Cold

On my trip beginning in 3 days, it should be hot enough to seek shade with Gatorade, and cold enough that photographing around sunup would mean numb fingers, blurred images from shivering, and questioning if I ever wanted to do it again.

Trapping heat and decreasing weight were the goals. Durable, light weight, low-cost high-tech synthetics were the recipe. Aesthetics didn’t matter, so U.S. wilderness backpacker supply companies fit the bill.

Further weight loss came by reverting to the synthetic travel clothes I’ve had since years before retiring. Cotton items gradually replaced those because of ubiquitous inexpensive laundries and more comfortable backpacks.

Columns listed top to bottom, left to right. QD is short for quick drying synthetic.

1st column: Medium weight convertible cargo pants, Light cargo pants, Very light scrubs pants, new 2 pairs QD cargo shorts.

2nd column: 2 long sleeve QD shirts, 3 (only 1 shown) QD T-shirts.

3rd column: Poncho, 2 pairs long sox, wool hiking sox, 2 pair (thin and thinner) sox, new 2 pair QD briefs, new knit gloves.

4th column: QD jacket, new QD inner layer, QD Long underwear, new QD snowboarding helmet liner.

Why so many sox? The long black ones are for warmth at night.


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