September Slovenian Splurge

A few weeks ago, dry of ideas for a fall trip, I decided on another High Season in Chiang Mai as a substitute. I got busy. Booked a room and flights. Reviewed my writings on what was best done before the high season tourists arrive. Of course, then I got an idea for a fall trip.

In spring 2013 the 2 major disappointments of the Adriatic trip were not seeing the Skocjan Caves in Slovenia and Plitvice lakes in Croatia. I passed on the caves because after 3 days of cold and rain in Slovenia, I went south for drier and warmer. I figured I’d return for caves and lakes at trip’s end.

By the time I returned to Zagreb it was HOT. Too hot for long train and bus rides needed to enjoy visiting the caves and Plitvice lakes, so I flew home a few days early. That was an easy decision because I knew someday I’d return to Italy and could see the caves and lakes then.

Why Skocjan caves? Google Images. Why Plitvice Lakes? Google Images.

I have tickets for 18 September days starting and ending in Vienna. Don’t know yet which way to head after I’m done with caves and the lakes, besides the other places in Slovenia I wanted to see in 2013. Austria is OMG expensive, so 2 nights in Vienna may be it. Within 50 miles of Vienna are borders to Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Should be easy to make a loop trip through all three.

Why Vienna? It’s an experiment. Maybe taking a non-stop daytime flight and stopping for the night before continuing will significantly reduce travel fatigue and jet lag compared to leaving Bangkok at 1 or 2am, and landing somewhere before dawn to change planes 3-4 hours later. Vienna was the closest to my destinations. Another fatigue experiment is flying business class for the first time. A while back I realized I could be spending more than I’ve been, so why not?

BTW, I’m still going to Chiang Mai as planned.


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