Bombings and Increased Security

Well that was a surprise. It will be interesting to see who’s responsible.

The first site is 200 feet from the Skytrain line I use most often when in Bangkok, but far from a station. The other is a pedestrian bridge I crossed on my only visit to a camera store. Never had a reason to return.

The only mall in Hua Hin has plenty of CCTV cameras but they added one in time for opening this morning. Now after entering the parking garage, motorbikes are funneled into a narrow passage barely 1 bike wide. Walking speed should ensure a good image. Those wearing helmets must remove them. I’ve read but haven’t seen that cars entering must open their trunks. Men with mirrors on wands check the car’s underside.

I’d planned to visit the US Embassy before my Sept. trip for their notary* service. Four of the cities on my trip (Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Budapest) have US Embassies. Visiting any of them would be easier than going to Bangkok. Safer too?

*In Hua Hin there is no problem finding a lawyer who is also Public Notary. The form will go to a government office in the US. It requires the Embassy notary.


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