Back in the Mix of Chiang Mai

The area I’m staying in is 1 kilometer outside the Old Town walls, between 2 Universities and has several towers for long staying foreigners. The mix is people and their areas: tourists, snowbirds, expats, students and locals. Reviews on social media lure some tourists, otherwise they pass through.

First few days here was buying all the things I didn’t pack because why carry the miscellaneous minutia of day to day living? Navigating via alternate routes to avoid traffic and too many slow moving diesel belching vehicles came back quickly. Confirming the tricky ones with a map before hand seemed prudent. Once on the routes the landmarks were instantly obvious so I stopped checking the map.

I’ve been visiting favorite sources of caffeine and eats. Some are gone, some have changed but the rest are still reliable sources of the comfort of getting what I expected.

I’m staying in the same place in the same room as last time. It’s too early for snowbirds. There are few long term guests. Most of the short term guests, keeping in keeping with the trend in Thai tourism for the last few years, are Chinese. The cafe’s menu has changed in a good way to accommodate them.

After a week here the illness that hit me in Slovenia came back but not as strong. Still, it was a listless 8 days. A doctor confirmed it was viral, as I suspected.

The US has a Consulate here. I put off getting more passport pages and a document notarized because I’d heard it was much easier, faster and more pleasant here than at the Embassy in Bangkok. Yes, yes, oh yes. The difference was like comparing a short wait in a pleasant doctor’s office vs. spending 2 hours at the DMV complete with crying babies and few or no unoccupied seats.

More to come on Chiang Mai, though I don’t know how much…


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