Two IRS WTF Moments

Uncle Sam is responsible for the first WTF. To make an online estimated tax payment, I had to verify myself using info from the 1040 of my choice from 2009 to 2014. No problem, I’ve got them all.

Yes, problem. The form requires State and Zip Code regardless of the country selected. Thailand has neither, nor do my past returns. Almost. I used my US address in 2009. This hasn’t been an issue until now because I’ve paid zero taxes since 2009.

The second WTF was all on me. For the first time since being blessed with big capital gains in the ’90s, I have to pay estimated tax because I did a Roth IRA conversion. It was easy, once past the address problem.

While cleaning up the folder and files used, for some reason I took a last look at the spreadsheet before closing it. The light bulb went off. That electronic payment is gonna bounce unless I transfer some funds. *facepalm* One more item was added to the checklist for next year’s estimated tax payments. I don’t want ‘Bounced a payment to the IRS’ on either my Bucket List or permanent record.

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