28 cents between me and the finish line

I’d already waited 90+ minutes to pay the expected sum of 155 baht (~$4.27) for my motorcycle drivers license. Now, at the last step, photo lady said it was 10 baht (~$0.28) more. I believe the fee was not an official one.

The day before, the multiple choice test took about 20 minutes. That morning, the riding test took 2 minutes. The rest was 11 hours over 2 days of reviewing the English language material while 90% of the class listened and responded to the Thai instructor and watched Thai instructional videos, too much sitting, too much waiting, and trying to stay awake. Ten baht more? I would not have hesitated at 1000 baht.

Why finally get a license? Avoiding checkpoints* in Hua Hin means longer and sometimes more dangerous rides. Should I be in an accident and the police get involved, it’s one less way to be in the wrong. And who knows, there may be times when having a government issued photo ID will be useful.

* Police checkpoints for license, helmet and vehicle registration. I always have the last 2. Two hundred baht (~$5.50) fine for no license.


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