Elementary, my dear student.

Last fall, in anticipation of a then as yet unplanned second trip to Spain, I started studying Spanish again. I quit in 2014 after dutifully practicing almost every day since 2008 with my electronic flash card deck. Don’t remember why I quit and don’t care.

It took a month to catch up on the overdue cards. After that I expanded the deck with useful items from word frequency lists and irregular preterit (past tense) forms for the most common verbs. Next I changed most of the sample sentences from present tense to preterit. I applied every memory trick and learning tool I could to getting over the pronoun hump. Finally, I found a good source of connecting words and phrases, e.g., ‘In that case…’, ‘blah blah, however, blah blah’, etc.

Then I stumbled across a placement test for Aula Virtual de Español, or Virtual Spanish Classroom. Such tests are heavy on the grammar. Twice since 2008 I’d taken such a test. Both times was classified into one of the bottom two categories. Bleep grammar because for now I want to increase my ability to get by. But I was curious if the concentrated and expanding studying had helped.

The possible outcomes:

Spanish Test Feb 20 - AVE Levels

My outcome:

Spanish Test Feb 20-small

“Test finished. According to this test, you can carry out the levels A2.1 – A2.2 of AVE. Consult with your center to be located in the most appropriate course”.

Whoo hoo! You bet that helped motivate me.




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