A Preview of Summer

Between the temperature and high humidity, it’s been cold enough that almost every day I wear long underwear as a base for multiple layers. That’s for indoors. The longies come off for anything involving more than a few minutes of walking outside. Yesterday was the first day warm enough to be in T-shirt and pants both indoors and out. Warm enough for me, that is. Today is warmer. Pleasantly toasty. Thirty two C (94 F) with 19% humidity.

That’s both comfortable and practical. My apartment has a washing machine and a balcony shaped enclosure with clothes lines. Until now, starting a load at 7-7:30 meant by sunset some items were still a bit damp. That’s on days without drizzle. Yesterday, the first load was crunchy dry by 1 pm. What were 2 large bath towels are now 2 large bath towel shaped loofahs.

One of the reasons I wanted to live in Caldas was its mild 4 season climate. It’s easier to carpe diem when nature provides a hard to miss reminder that the celestial clock is ticking. May brought with it two reminders – posters around town for events in the park, and a trickle of tourists. There will be photographs. Maybe there will be ones with posting.

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