Sixty four year old Nerd from the United States. Or maybe NERD. I have many of the classic symptoms: brainiac, fascinated by computers, have read too much science fiction, think people would get along better if they were rational, etc.

There is also an artistic side. I’d claim I was a decent writer and photographer but you can draw your own conclusions. From 1989 until 2007 partner dance (swing, ballroom, latin, country, etc) was a consuming passion until chronic pain forced me to give it up. Counterpoint to those is a lifetime of serious involvement in adventure sports: surfing, rock and mountain climbing, off-road motorcycling, skiing, and hang gliding.

I have enough cache to retire in the US, although at a standard of living I haven’t seen since shortly after getting out of grad school. Left the US looking for a place to hang out in a less expensive country. Living in the US doesn’t present much in the way of adventure – I know what to expect. Most of the appeal of immersing myself into a new culture is the sheer adventure of it.

Quit my job and left the states in Nov. 2008. Moved to Caldas da Rainha, Portugal in mid March 2019.

My blog’s name came from a realization I had in 1993 while waiting for the start of the software programming team meeting. I looked around the table, pointed to each person in turn and said “Eric, Mary, Joan, John, Tony, Norm, Bill. We’re all four letter nerds.”


2 Responses to About

  1. Ack! Can’t seem to find any email link on your site, nowhere, nohow! Wheretheheckisit??? ;(

    Just wanted to let you know I just “tagged” you for the “7 Links” Project:


  2. Four Letter Nerd says:

    Thanks you for the recognition.

    My blog has no email link. When I started the blog I intended to fly under the radar. Changed my mind later but never added a link.

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