Sixty three year old Nerd from the United States. Or maybe NERD. I have many of the classic symptoms: brainiac, fascinated by computers, have read too much science fiction, think people would get along better if they were rational, etc.

There is also an artistic side. I’d claim I was a decent writer and photographer but you can draw your own conclusions. From 1989 until 2007 partner dance (swing, ballroom, latin, country, etc) was a consuming passion until chronic pain forced me to give it up. Counterpoint to those is a lifetime of serious involvement in adventure sports: surfing, rock and mountain climbing, off-road motorcycling, skiing, and hang gliding.

I have enough cache to retire in the US, although at a standard of living I haven’t seen since shortly after getting out of grad school. Left the US looking for a place to hang out in a less expensive country. Living in the US doesn’t present much in the way of adventure – I know what to expect. Most of the appeal of immersing myself into a new culture is the sheer adventure of it.

Quit my job and left the states in Nov. 2008. Am mostly settled* in Hua Hin, Thailand. I expect to check out some other countries to see if they’re more appealing than Thailand but Hua Hin will be my base camp, a place I’ve started to refer to as home.

My blog’s name came from a realization I had in 1993 while waiting for the start of the software programming team meeting. I looked around the table, pointed to each person in turn and said “Eric, Mary, Joan, John, Tony, Norm, Bill. We’re all four letter nerds.”

*Yes, that’s a reference to The Princess Bride.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Ack! Can’t seem to find any email link on your site, nowhere, nohow! Wheretheheckisit??? ;(

    Just wanted to let you know I just “tagged” you for the “7 Links” Project:


  2. Four Letter Nerd says:

    Thanks you for the recognition.

    My blog has no email link. When I started the blog I intended to fly under the radar. Changed my mind later but never added a link.

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