What Heat Wave?

June 28, 2019

It’s a good time to be on the central coast of Portugal.

35C = 95F, 37C = 98.6F, 39C = 102.2F

It’s Outdoor Events Season

June 22, 2019

There are many. Except as noted, all take place in either the large city park (Parque Dom Carlos I), or in and around a campus-like cluster of municipal buildings about 800 meters to the west (a technical school, hospitality industry school, Senior University, indoor sports complex, city library, and a combination BMX / skate park).

Sports demonstrations, food, music, and ‘muito mais…’ (much more…)
Live theater. Title translates to The City of the Birds.
Sardines, music and Marchas Populares

What are Marchas Populares? According to this article, it’s a combination parade and singing competition on St. Anthony’s day, first held in a Lisbon park in 1932. In 1934 an estimated 300,000 people filled six city parks. People came from Spain for the event. According to this article, it’s evolved into:

” The feast days of the popular saints (festas dos Santos Populares) is held in every street, neighborhood, and public square of the city. The biggest street party of the year might sound religious in nature, but trust me, it’s really all about sardines, beer, and irritatingly catchy folk music called pimba, which can only be described as slightly polka sounding songs that focus on squeaky-clean lyrics with sexual undertones. “


Annual party hosted by the SCMCR, a group that assists children and seniors, who sometimes live in the SCMCR facilities. Besides the 4 bands, there will be sardines, snacks, pig roasted on a spit, and much liveliness. Admission will cost you 2 smiles and donation of 1 drink (beer or juice). Held in the bullring. For an aerial view of the facility, at Google Maps paste this into the search box: CV58+34 Caldas da Rainha , zoom in, then switch to satellite view.

Art works encouraging greater awareness of the natural world

The Superior School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR) is one of the best in the nation. Don’t know if their students are the source of the works displayed.

Eight types of display art plus ambient sound.

Held at the regional bus station in the town center. The covered outdoor areas are so much larger than needed for waiting bus passengers, it seems as if it were designed as a dual use space.

Dance Performances
Band, orchestra, and philharmonic performances
Championship BMX and Skate, food, music, and surprises
Photo I took early on the second day of the event

The First Day of Shorts

May 30, 2019

Pleasantly toasty today. I took the long way to everywhere I walked. I was kissed by the sun and I liked it. Now I have to find where I put my sandals.

No optical illusion. I’m really that skinny.

A Preview of Summer

May 13, 2019

Between the temperature and high humidity, it’s been cold enough that almost every day I wear long underwear as a base for multiple layers. That’s for indoors. The longies come off for anything involving more than a few minutes of walking outside. Yesterday was the first day warm enough to be in T-shirt and pants both indoors and out. Warm enough for me, that is. Today is warmer. Pleasantly toasty. Thirty two C (94 F) with 19% humidity.

That’s both comfortable and practical. My apartment has a washing machine and a balcony shaped enclosure with clothes lines. Until now, starting a load at 7-7:30 meant by sunset some items were still a bit damp. That’s on days without drizzle. Yesterday, the first load was crunchy dry by 1 pm. What were 2 large bath towels are now 2 large bath towel shaped loofahs.

One of the reasons I wanted to live in Caldas was its mild 4 season climate. It’s easier to carpe diem when nature provides a hard to miss reminder that the celestial clock is ticking. May brought with it two reminders – posters around town for events in the park, and a trickle of tourists. There will be photographs. Maybe there will be ones with posting.

How much does it cost to live there #2

April 29, 2019

Why I’m posting a snapshot of costs was explained previously.

For most of my time in Hua Hin the choice of western style markets was either a Wal-Mart style store or the store where addicted expats pay high prices for their favorites from home. So it’s nice to have a choice of where to food shop in Caldas. Within easy walking distance I can choose between 3 markets of Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear size, plus the daily farmers market at Praça da Fruta (Fruit Square). Two big box supermarkets are a 20 minute walk, in different directions of course. Can’t get everything I want at any one place, so maybe what I buy where will tell you something about life here. Or about me. From what I’ve read online, such multi source shopping is typical in Portugal.

Also, some routine medical costs.

Food Costs

Auchan Market has the best choice of canned fish, prepared sauces, and what would be an insult to call canned pork parts and white beans, though those are the two main ingredients. I call them stews. Why canned foods? It’s an easy meal to dump half or all of a can on left over pasta or boiled potatos, add blanched veggies and dig in.


17.6 oz Spaghetti – $1.40
4.2 oz Canned Cod – $2.12 each ($0.50 per oz)
8.5 oz Vinagrete – $1.67 ($0.20 per oz)
7.4 oz 3 Pepper Sauce – $2.03 ($0.27 per oz)
Fifty 1 Litre plastic bags – $1.00
Thirty 20 Litre plastic bags – $1.09
14.8 oz Chispalhada (stew) – $1.72 ($0.12 per oz)
15.2 oz Dobrada (stew) – $1.40 ($0.09 per oz)

Pingo Doce has the best sweet potatoes, bread, and greens of the 3 markets. Also the only one to sell eggs by the half dozen.

Pingo Doce 1-20190418

1.6 lb Chicken – $3.25 ($1.01 per lb)
0.6 lb Sweet Potatoes – $1.24 ($0.96 per lb)
1.2 lb Greens – $1.83 ($0.76 per lb)
0.3 lb Carrots – $0.25 ($0.35 per lb)
1.1 lb Sliced Bread – $1.89
Six Large eggs – $1.11
0.2 lb Lowish fat fresh cheese – $1.10 each ($3.11 per lb)

Pingo Doce is the closest place with plain yogurt. Auchan market doesn’t sell it. Haven’t noticed if the other markets sell 250 ml of juice box wine. It’s decent table wine. Auchan doesn’t sell juice, only ‘nectar’, which is juice & sugar water.

Pingo Doce 2-20190422

Pingo Doce wine

Six Medium eggs – $1.00
1.1 lb Spaghetti – $0.55
0.2 lb Bread Rolls – $0.97
0.3 lb Plain Yogurt – $0.76 for 4 ($0.17 per oz)
33.8 oz Orange Juice – $1.67 ($0.05 per fluid oz)
8.5 oz Vinho Branco (White Wine) – $0.50 ($0.06 per fluid oz)
8.5 oz Dandruff Shampoo (½ off sale) – $2.12

Daily Farmers Market is the only place for ready to eat roasted sweet potatoes. Far better produce choice than the 3 markets. Plus it’s fun to shop there.

Fruit Square-20190422

0.3 lb Roasted Sweet Potatoes – $0.87 ($1.52 per lb)
0.4 lb Clementines – $0.49 ($0.66 per lb)
0.6 lb New Potatoes – $0.34 ($.30 per lb)
0.4 lb Apples (unknown variety) – $0.67 ($0.81 per lb)

Medical Costs

Except for Gaviscon (non-generic OTC heartburn relief), my prescription and OTC meds cost less than in Thailand, which cost way less than in the US. Woo hoo!

Colonoscopy with anesthesia – €285 (~$315)
Colonoscopy without – ~€130 (~$150)
EKG simple 12-way – €12.5 (~$14.50)
Doctor visit for prescriptions of existing meds and request colonoscopy because it’s been 10 years since the first one. – €40 (~$45.50)