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Updated Nov 25, 2011. Added links to Penang and Elephant Polo.


Nov 2011 Malaysia and Singapore Trip: Penang
Elephant Polo


Hua Hin Misc.

Hua Hin Misc April 2011
Hua Hin Misc March 2011
Pattaya Trip April 2011
February 2011.
January 2011.
December 2010.
November 2010.
Two litters of puppies.
October 2010.
September 2010.
August 2010
July 2010
June 2010
May 2010
April 2010

In and around Hua Hin:
Khao Takiab Harbor
More Khao Takiab Harbor
Night Market setup. This market is the one closest to the tourist district.
Fishing Boat Arrival
Fishing Boat Unloading in Evening
Hua Hin Apartment
Hua Hin Kitesurfing

Day Trips
Day trip to Pranburi
Wat Huay Mongkol

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai
— Day Market
— Flight of the Gibbons
— Wat Phra Singh


Kuala Lumpur Visa Run

Dumaguete Misc Dec 09
Dumaguete Misc Jan 10
Dumaguete Misc Feb 10
Dumaguete Movie Theater Fire

Thailand – August and September 2009
Kamala Beach
Phuket Town
Phi Phi Islands Day Trip
Krabi. Includes day trip to Tiger Cave Temple, Waterfall Hot Springs.
Hua Hin


Sinulog – Children’s Parade
Sinulog – The Town Prepares
Sinulog – Staging For Main Parade
Sinulog – Main Parade

Cebu Autocross
Cebu LapuLapu Ferry Trip
Cebu Near Apartelle

Malatapay Market .
Buglasan Parade
Misc. October Photos – Dumaguete
Misc. November Photos – Dumaguete


Filipino Pork

Travel Argao 1st Trip
Travel Argao Birthday Party
Travel Bohol
Travel San Fernando (La Union)
Travel Vigan Kalesa
Travel Vigan Market

5 Responses to Photo Album

  1. Ellen says:

    ? I don’t see one called MeGettingOlder (or Me Getting Older).


    • fourletternerd says:

      I have not linked to it. Any photo album link goes to Photobucket, there one can navigate the album tree structure by clicking on ‘All Albums’.

  2. Ellen says:

    Ah, OK. Thanks.

  3. Bruce Kehl says:

    Yesterday went by some of the ‘night market’ vendors making their way to the baywall area off the boulevard (it’s been improved somewhat w new but ineffective walling), and i was impressed with how much work goes into so little: remember those little Coca-Cola stalls ruining the boulevard grass selling foul-smelling fishballs etc? They’ve been moved to the other end of the boulevard – some pinoy complain they are allowed to set up anywhere – but are so representative of the bottom of the barrel nightmarket experiences.

    But perhaps in your picture taking, you came to also appreciate all the work that goes into setting up, selling their food or produce, taking it all down late at night … and the day after day drudgery of it all for a few baht, pesos, NT dollars.

    Well, this is such an asian thing, but i am still so reminded of Taipei’s night markets, many of which are famous. Of course as a tourist one can only catch a smattering of what that city of 4million offers in terms of day and night markets, but anyway, the work that goes into them all is incredible: not sure if i could ever do that… even to survive……

    • Four Letter Nerd says:

      My memories of Dumaguete are fuzzy. I remember one street (north edge of the park?) that had vendors against a wall, is that the ‘baywall area’?

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