How much does it cost to live there #2

April 29, 2019

Why I’m posting a snapshot of costs was explained previously.

For most of my time in Hua Hin the choice of western style markets was either a Wal-Mart style store or the store where addicted expats pay high prices for their favorites from home. So it’s nice to have a choice of where to food shop in Caldas. Within easy walking distance I can choose between 3 markets of Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear size, plus the daily farmers market at Praça da Fruta (Fruit Square). Two big box supermarkets are a 20 minute walk, in different directions of course. Can’t get everything I want at any one place, so maybe what I buy where will tell you something about life here. Or about me. From what I’ve read online, such multi source shopping is typical in Portugal.

Also, some routine medical costs.

Food Costs

Auchan Market has the best choice of canned fish, prepared sauces, and what would be an insult to call canned pork parts and white beans, though those are the two main ingredients. I call them stews. Why canned foods? It’s an easy meal to dump half or all of a can on left over pasta or boiled potatos, add blanched veggies and dig in.


17.6 oz Spaghetti – $1.40
4.2 oz Canned Cod – $2.12 each ($0.50 per oz)
8.5 oz Vinagrete – $1.67 ($0.20 per oz)
7.4 oz 3 Pepper Sauce – $2.03 ($0.27 per oz)
Fifty 1 Litre plastic bags – $1.00
Thirty 20 Litre plastic bags – $1.09
14.8 oz Chispalhada (stew) – $1.72 ($0.12 per oz)
15.2 oz Dobrada (stew) – $1.40 ($0.09 per oz)

Pingo Doce has the best sweet potatoes, bread, and greens of the 3 markets. Also the only one to sell eggs by the half dozen.

Pingo Doce 1-20190418

1.6 lb Chicken – $3.25 ($1.01 per lb)
0.6 lb Sweet Potatoes – $1.24 ($0.96 per lb)
1.2 lb Greens – $1.83 ($0.76 per lb)
0.3 lb Carrots – $0.25 ($0.35 per lb)
1.1 lb Sliced Bread – $1.89
Six Large eggs – $1.11
0.2 lb Lowish fat fresh cheese – $1.10 each ($3.11 per lb)

Pingo Doce is the closest place with plain yogurt. Auchan market doesn’t sell it. Haven’t noticed if the other markets sell 250 ml of juice box wine. It’s decent table wine. Auchan doesn’t sell juice, only ‘nectar’, which is juice & sugar water.

Pingo Doce 2-20190422

Pingo Doce wine

Six Medium eggs – $1.00
1.1 lb Spaghetti – $0.55
0.2 lb Bread Rolls – $0.97
0.3 lb Plain Yogurt – $0.76 for 4 ($0.17 per oz)
33.8 oz Orange Juice – $1.67 ($0.05 per fluid oz)
8.5 oz Vinho Branco (White Wine) – $0.50 ($0.06 per fluid oz)
8.5 oz Dandruff Shampoo (½ off sale) – $2.12

Daily Farmers Market is the only place for ready to eat roasted sweet potatoes. Far better produce choice than the 3 markets. Plus it’s fun to shop there.

Fruit Square-20190422

0.3 lb Roasted Sweet Potatoes – $0.87 ($1.52 per lb)
0.4 lb Clementines – $0.49 ($0.66 per lb)
0.6 lb New Potatoes – $0.34 ($.30 per lb)
0.4 lb Apples (unknown variety) – $0.67 ($0.81 per lb)

Medical Costs

Except for Gaviscon (non-generic OTC heartburn relief), my prescription and OTC meds cost less than in Thailand, which cost way less than in the US. Woo hoo!

Colonoscopy with anesthesia – €285 (~$315)
Colonoscopy without – ~€130 (~$150)
EKG simple 12-way – €12.5 (~$14.50)
Doctor visit for prescriptions of existing meds and request colonoscopy because it’s been 10 years since the first one. – €40 (~$45.50)

How much does it cost to live there?

March 26, 2019

One of the most common questions by people in the earliest stage of considering living in Portugal is about the cost of living. They’re usually sent to I’ll be able to estimate my cost of living after a few months here. Until then, and because this blog needs photos, the details of my visit to the market yesterday, converted from Euros and metric.


Sandwich Ham – 7 oz @ $.84
FRESH, juicy Strawberries – 1 lb 2 oz @ $1.80
Broccoli – 15 oz @ $1.42
Tangerines – 1 lb 3 oz @ $1.12
100% OJ – 1 qt 2 oz @ $1.51


Took this photo after the strawberries reminded me of Jar Jar Binks. Seriously.

What Will I Miss About Thailand: 2 of ?

March 3, 2019


Many magnificent, mouth-watering, messy, mellow yellow mangoes.


What I Will Miss About Thailand: 1 of ?

March 2, 2019

Only time this isn’t included in my snacks for a bus to Bangkok is if I can’t find it.


Only reason I don’t eat it more often is there are more nutritional ways to consume the same amount of fat.


Om nom nom nom

February 20, 2016

Not enough Americans visit Hua Hin for bakers to cater to their tastes. My urges for sweets are weak and far between so it doesn’t matter, or it can be filled by ice cream or gelato.

There’s a new baker in town. One who does both European and American goodies (at least for now). With the best coffee I’ve had in Hua Hin. Then one day there were brownies. Displayed to show the cut side so one could conclude that just might be a real brownie.

It was. And it was goooooooood.