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I’ve recommended only those tools that are among the best I found for my purposes.

Last updated 25 August, 2012

Early Retirement Tools are my favorite retirement financial calculator and early retirement forum.

Expat Tools are: 1) Climate websites, 2) Standard format Q and A on living in various towns around the world, and 3) Philippine expat forums.

Travel Tools

Airlines banned from Europe by The European Commission and the US by the Federal Aviation Agency because of inadequate safety standards.

Climate Tools

Detailed weather averages (uh … isn’t that also known as climate?) for many world towns and cities. Data taken from airport weather station archives. Useful for making shoulder season destination decisions because the averages are calculated by day of each month. Sites that give averages by the month will disguise, for example, that a month may start out very wet and finish mostly dry. “The Guides provide an instant snap-shot of average weather conditions for holiday destinations around the world for every month of the year.” I like this site because of the great graphics. A climate component, e.g., average daily high temperature, is summarized with a single symbol who’s color and content (e.g. red frowny face for hot) describe the data (e.g. the mean temp).

On each country’s page it notes the towns with the four extremes: hottest, coldest, dryest, wettest. Temp, rainfall and amount of daylight.


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