Expat Tools

Last updated Feb 8, 2010.

Location Reports

Tales From a Small Planet. Reports on life in many countries and cities, mostly written by Americans in the State Department. The State Dept. has official reports, apparently they suck so bad that the poor employees write their own.

Expat Forums

Yahoo Group: Living In The Philippines 3. Highly active and heavily moderated group. The group owner does not allow negative information about expat life in the Phils. Still, a good source of info. In case you are wondering about the ‘3’ in the title, it’s because the group owner had his earlier two versions hacked.

Yahoo Group: Philippine Living Island Paradise. Not moderated so it discusses the warts and all of life in the Phils.

Air Pollution Statistics

Thailand regions

Latin America: I wish. Search the town name and ‘PM2.5’ for reports on short term scientific studies.

Everywhere: Search for ‘inversion’. A temperature inversion usually traps the air pollution under it. Some places have inversions that last for months during the same season every year.

The Location Reports above discuss air pollution from each individual reporter’s viewpoint.

Water Pollution

Search the town or region name on surfing websites. Travel sites paint a pretty picture, the surfers who have to deal with the water often paint a much browner picture.


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