Am I Suited to the Tropics?

I’ve been energized in the last two weeks, more alive, more social, more alert and focused, with a better disposition and less satisfied with the rut I live in. What happened? The temperature dropped.

The combination of a storm front and the season change meant Thais weren’t the only ones in long pants. For a few days many Thais were wearing jackets. Some kids were sporting wool hats. On the worse day of this cold snap I walked outside at 8am in shorts and a t-shirt and within seconds had goosebumps. It was 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That one finds 75 F cold is proof that one has adapted to the tropics, but that’s not the point.

Living with heat and humidity means that I no longer look at it as being hot and humid, but that the climate is what it is. During the last two years, at times I’ve wondered how much, if any, the heat was beating me down without my knowing it. Maybe mother nature just handed me the answer.

Before coming to Thailand last spring, the plan was to stay here until the end of the nicest weather, AKA the tourist season, and then evaluate. Right now it looks like I’ll then head to Latin America. The plan doesn’t have much more detail than that because I have to toss out much of the pre-retirement research. Most of the Central and South American towns are now off the list because the air pollution seems way too bad for my infection prone upper respiratory system.

Hmmm…. Maybe fall to the middle of spring in Argentina, which is March to October because they’re south of the equator, then ‘winter’ in Thailand from November to March to miss the hot seasons in both countries.


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