Rule of Thumb for Biting Insects

My rule of thumb let me down. In the rainy season I need to put on bug spray after 4pm or go indoors. In the dry season the time is later, but I’m in no hurry to determine how much later because of how long the aftereffects of some bites last. I hit the beach for a beach chair in the shade, a soft drink and the intent to read another chapter. It was 3:30pm, so no bug spray beforehand.

Well, there was also zero wind, which is rare here in the afternoon. I no sooner got settled into the chair with book open when I felt two hot pin pricks on my right ankle. Thought it was a fluke, so stayed put until the next bike came a minute later, then bailed.

Net damage was 3 of the bad red bites, four more minor ones. There are biting insects here that are so small and such weak fliers they are usually encountered only in the morning, in zero wind and close to the ground. Now I know they hunt at other times when there is zero wind.

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