95% Well in KL

Antibiotics have defeated the invaders, a good nights sleep will fix the rest of what ails me. Was out and about today 3 times as long as yesterday. Just returned to the hotel because it was too hot, unlike previous days when the overwhelming need for sleep would see me back by 2pm.

Melaka is the next destination. Made hotel reservations and purchased a bus ticket for Friday. After buying the ticket l realized that it is for 11am on 11/11/11.

Only one full day left, will have to decide tonight if that means a day trip or stick to what can be done using the light rail system.

KL is one of SE Asia’s shopping paradises. Failed miserably to take advantage of it but that was part of the trip plan. Did buy some flip-flops (because on the old ones the 2 layer sole began to split) and a pair of lug soled walking shoes (because my favorite ones got wet, stayed wet and became a mold farm), but that doesn’t count. Nor does my intention to buy something tonight that is either difficult to find in Hua Hin, or way overpriced: 1OO% cotton boxer shorts.


One Response to 95% Well in KL

  1. adrian says:

    I will be very interested to hear what you think of Malacca as a place for long-term living for expats. I imagine KL would be quite expensive and Penang just didn’t float our boat for many reasons.

    I was toying with the idea of doing a trip next year as follows … Manila – KL – Malacca – Singapore – Kuching – Kota Kinabalu – Manila. I believe there may be ways around the big money deposit for the MM2H type visa, if issued in Sarawak or Sabah – needs further investigation.

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